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Everything You Need To Know About Real Estate Videography

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

What is the relationship between videos and real estate? The answer is that videos complement the marketing efforts of a real estate agent.

Did you know that real estate listings that used videos get 403 per cent more inquiries than those that don’t? A real estate agent in Niagara is likely to penetrate the market further through video marketing.

Did you know that videos show up in search engine results? Incorporating videos into your online marketing boosts your lead generation but these efforts cannot be boosted unless you do two things:

  • Make the right type of videos

  • Promote the videos

In this article we want to focus on videography for real estate in terms of video types, effective marketing and production options.

Do This Before Hiring Your Real Estate Videographer

Doing a stabilized video shot in a multi-million dollar Niagara real estate listing
On site for Videography of Niagara Home

Do not film real estate videos using your smartphone. Smartphone videos can speak volumes about a realtors level of professionalism. Video marketing is an investment that should have a budget. You also need to have a video strategy. Your video strategy is complete when you answer the following questions:

  • Who or what will be featured in the videos?

  • Who is benefiting from this?

  • How will the videos aid in lead generation?

  • How long is each video going to be?

  • What kind of video quality are you looking for?

What follows next is the scripting, filming and editing but before that, it is important to know some of the best video types for real estate marketing.

Types Of Real Estate Videos

Capturing a gorgeous sunset videography shot of this Niagara Falls Estate in the Spring of 2020.
Niagara Real Estate Video Sunset Shot

Listing Videos

Listing videos are the most popular in this sector, and one of the most popular types of video for us at Workman Photography. This is a great way of showing off the properties you want to sell. This is also a great way of educating or informing your prospects without boring them to death. You will be able to impress them with style and excellent presentation. Apart from interior videos, your real estate videographer is able to get amazing aerial shots thanks to the use of drone technology. Now this beats using apps on your smartphone. You can check out samples of some of the amazing listing videos we've captured here.

Interview Videos

Do you want to be considered a real estate expert in GTA or Niagara? Do interview videos. Get a professional to conduct the interview asking you frequently asked questions in matters real estate. You can also work with previous buyers and sellers, lenders, architects among others. All you have to do is ensure that what they say is relevant to your audience. Interview your past clients and decipher what drove them to work with you. Those are your selling points. Your clients will be doing the talking. Capture those words on camera.

Live Streaming Videos

Do you want to do a live listing tour? Do you want to engage and interact with your prospects? This is how you do it, go live. You can also do a webinar where you train home buyers on what they should look out for when choosing a home to buy. Your prospects will see that you are giving them value and in turn they will visit your website or call for more information. The webinar videos can be recorded and uploaded on all social media platforms. The more traction you get from these past videos the more registrations you will have in your future live videos.

Blog Recap Videos

So you want to do real estate videos but you do not have fresh content,what do you do? You turn to your old blog posts and recycle them in the form of video. There are people who do not like long form content but they absolutely adore videos. This new audience is waiting for you to act. Turn your blogs into 5 minute videos.

Home Buying/Selling Tips Videos

This is great content that can be served as daily nuggets on your real estate business social media pages. They are 2 minute videos that go straight to the point. You can briefly explain the following:

  • How to save for a home purchase.

  • Researching mortgage lenders

  • Determining a seller’s market

Special Offer Videos

As a real estate agent in GTA or Niagara, you have more to offer than just gift cards or cash. The uniqueness in your kind of business allows you to offer free consultations. You can even offer an ebook for a limited time to be downloaded from your website. Give your audience what they really need. These kind of videos should be inclusive of a Call To Action, CTA which will lead your prospects directly to your website.

Explainer Videos

These can be termed as the simplest kind of real estate videos . All that is needed is for you to take your website copy, script it and shoot. For example, who are you, what do you do, how long have you been doing it, what certifications do you have and what work ethics do you align to? You can also include your vision, mission and inspiration. This is what we refer to as social proof because people will definitely look for you online. Question is, will you be found? It is definitely time to call that real estate videographer near you.

Community/Neighbourhood Video

If there is one main factor that home buyers will always take into consideration before making a purchase, it is the kind of community they will be living in. They are not just buying a house, they are also buying a lifestyle. Your listing could be the only one with a farmers market, a university,a highly recommended hospital or shopping mall. Showcase these in your videos. It will draw someone in. Dedicate a portion of the shoot to exploring the market. Hire a professional real estate videographer in your location who will spend some days capturing footage of developments, parks or streets. You can use this in every video.

Promotional Videos

Sell yourself and do not sell yourself short. Get a professional to help you shoot the most versatile video. This video will be used in your marketing. Make it the main clip that automatically plays in your YouTube channel homepage. Have it play in conferences, presentations and webinars before you commence your part. All the positive attributes of your real estate marketing should be in this clip. The video should not be more than 5 minutes.

Client Update Videos

These aren't quite as popular as the rest, and are for your clients’ eyes only. In this type of video you will explain the status of a home sale or purchase. What should you include in this video?

  • How many private showings have you given?

  • How long has each listing been in the market?

  • What specific listings have you found for clients?

  • What marketing activities have you done to promote a listing ?

Send us an email for more info on how we can capture any of the above types of video for you.

Best Practices For Real Estate Video Marketing

Make use of YouTube

YouTube is not only great for cat videos. It is also the number 2 search engine in the world plus it is also great for live streaming. Google easily recognizes videos and guess what? When someone types, your video is likely to pop up as a possible result. Now, the number of subscribers, likes and bell clicks shows the number of people who are interested in your type of content and possibly in buying a property.

The Shorter, The Better

Your videos should be brief and concise. 2-3 minutes are enough. If you are shy, it might be time to practice! Ensure that your videos look professional and are conversational.

Introduce Your Audience To Your Community

We already talked about these kinds of videos. Your audience is not just curious about the listed property, they also want to know about the surrounding neighbourhood.

Optimize Your Videos

It is one thing to have videos, it's another for the Google algorithm to have them. Make use of relevant keywords and phrases. Ensure that your videos have a great title, meta descriptions and tags.

Include Call To Action Links or Lead Capture Forms In Your Videos

This is a great way of knowing who is genuinely interested. This only happens when you make it happen in the videos.

Include Your Agency Contact Info at the Beginning and At The End

This could be your logo, brand colors or contact information. We can add these onto your video for a small fee.

Always Have A Video That Explains Your Business

This should be the first video you shoot. Prospects buy your persona before buying anything else. The only way you can have them as loyal customers is when you ensure that the first impression mattered.

What Will Make Your Real Estate Video A Success?

A photo taken by Workman Photography. We were on site capturing photos and video fo this Niagara real estate listing.
Twilight Shot - Beachfront home in Niagara

It does not matter what kind of video you are doing, these 3 factors are essential.

Work With A Professional Real Estate Videographer

Filming weddings is about emotion and moments. Filming property is about precision. Ensure that your videographer knows how to capture footage at angles and can also operate a drone. That is an added advantage.

Ensure The Videographer Uses Professional Equipment

Here is the list of what you should check for:

  • DSLR/ mirrorless camera

  • Gimbal /stabilizer

  • Wide angle lens. No fisheye lens

  • Professional mic equipment

  • Professional drone eg DJI phantom

Quality Editing

A professional videographer knows how to put things together. They use Final Cut, Premiere Pro or Davinci Resolve. These are the best in the industry. They'll also edit and perfect any audio recordings and find the perfect music to accompany the video.

Would you like to take your real estate business to another level? Contact us today!


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