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Why professional Real Estate Photography is 'the key' to selling homes in Niagara

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Beautiful modern kitchen design in Niagara
Niagara real estate listing photo taken by Workman Photography

Even though 91% of homeowners in Niagara purchase their homes through agents, they first do thorough online research. Even agents themselves perform online searches for the listings they are dealing with. For example, according to the Niagara Association of Realtors (NAR), an increase of 20.5% of online listings was recorded in 2020 over 2019. This proves that high-quality photographs are essential in marketing homes for sale.

Good photography creates a better impression. A good impression, in return, will increase the number of potential buyers. A buyer will not want to visit a home with a bad impression from poor online photos. Professional real estate photography portrays the home's quality features accurately, and this is an edge over listings that use photos taken from a phone or from a standard point-and-shoot camera.

In this piece, you will find out the basics of what real estate photography is, why you should have a professional real estate photographer, benefits of professional real estate photography, and how to choose a professional home photographer or videographer.

What is real estate photography?

The main reason for real estate photography is to sell homes. Real estate photography is taking pictures of houses for the sole reason of selling. The photographs are for property listings, and a real estate agent will use the pictures to sell the properties.

Reasons for hiring a professional real estate photographer in Niagara

Different clients have something in mind when shopping for a property. A professional photographer is sure to capture all that a client wants. At the same time, many sellers have various reasons for selling their properties. Here is how a videographer and photographer in real estate can be of help.

1. Help manage your clients stress

Sometimes sellers sell because of divorce. Other times they are moving in with a new partner or looking to upgrade, or maybe looking for more space because of kids and relatives. The list goes on. The more time a house remains on the market, the more furious and stressed the seller is likely to be. This calls for the right professional to capture and portray all the right features in picture and video form for potential buyers.

When all the features are well taken care of, the clients are less stressed. Perfect photography and videography contribute to the fast-selling and purchase of properties online.

2. Less hustle for the agent

As a real estate agent, you can have much on your plate when physically showcasing clients' houses. You can be more engaged through meetings, business closings, real estate talks, client meetups, etc. This can be stressful for you.

Investing or hiring real estate photography is important. The photographer will help unload busy schedules and stress loads. Proper listings with images can be sent to clients, or the clients get to view them from the agent's website. Instead of physical meetups, clients can can arrange for agreements on the homes once viewed online.

3. Depict the 'lifestyle image' to potential buyers

When shopping for a home, everybody looks for the house of their dreams. You want to find the perfect home within your budget and on that realistically fits you. Real estate photographers show off the proper lifestyle the next buyer will envision.

Investing in professional photography will prevent a potential buyer from skipping your post due to a lack of good photos. The buyer will not scroll past it, and instead they are sure to explore all the house images, including all the rooms and amenities.

Benefits of a professional Niagara real estate photographer and videographer

Many potential property buyers judge a book by its cover. A solid photograph will cause a potential homeowner to take note of the house. A poor image will make a client scroll through fast and forget about the house. Each image is responsible for creating an impression of the property. Read on and find out the main benefits of real estate photography as a realtor.

1. Increased home purchase

According to Remax Canada Realty, home sale purchases are expected to increase by 12 percent in 2021. In 2020, 86% of property buyers searched online when searching for homes. Listing with better images, received the most inquiries on their sites.

As a realtor, this shows the importance of having a professional photographer capture clear, high-quality images. Many home buyers research online using smartphones, iPad, tablets, laptops, etc. This indicates that sellers must invest in professional photographers and populate property listings accordingly for maximum purchases.

Because of the high competition in the real estate market, it is essential to have a good impression online to the many buyers scouring for homes online.

2. Social Media Listing Content

Today's home buyers are more engaged on social media and looking for better impressions. Having good property pictures on social media is a better way of reaching many clients. Besides, many clients search for properties on social media before heading to the search pages looking for homes.

Social media can also be customized to target, promote, funnel, sell, and connect potential buyers and agents with your high-quality listings. Professional Niagara real estate photography presents an opportunity that goes beyond your listing services. With a simple move, the property photos can be shared on many platforms and reach many buyers.

3. More income from listings

A good quality photograph communicates a high sense of quality. The picture shows how the property is built, the house environs and market value depending on the surrounding area. Thus, clear and better image quality gets you more people submitting an offer for a property.

4. Clicks per listing

When posting photos taken by a non-professional as a realtor, you should not expect many clicks. A high-quality property photograph draws more attention to your house listings. More clicks bring in more buyers.

Even though, more clicks does not necessarily translate to more sales; it is an indication more potential buyers are viewing your listings.

5. Realtor brand

As a realtor there's more competition for your listing to be noticeable. For you to get noticed, you have to outperform your competitors. Having a real estate photographer or videographer is a sure way of developing a realtor's brand.

A unique brand will not only improve your marketing strategies but also help you stand out among other buyers and sellers. Moreover, there are two options to choose from when looking for a real estate photographer; a professional real estate photographer and a point-and-shoot photographer. A good realtor will definitely go for a professional real estate photographer.

Opting for a professional Niagara real estate photographer, solidifies your marketing techniques. Furthermore, it indicates to the seller or buyer you are more experienced and into the business. Many businesses in real estate come by because of referrals. Having a good brand and being marketed properly, your listings will have more referrals to potential home buyers.

6. Save time marketing listings

Instead of writing numerous descriptions on your listings, a clear photo will indicate most of it. A professional Niagara, real estate videographer will save you time and money. More time spent in writing the property's description will be halved. The cost of hiring professional home description writers also will be reduced.

Another way you can save on costs and time is by hiring a professional housing photographer. The housing photography can move to several houses, take pics, edit, post your online listing or deliver to clients. This will save you the time to meet clients and costs on transport.

How to choose a Niagara real estate photographer?

Well, the person behind the camera will influence your listings photographs. Here's what to look out for when investing in a professional real estate videographer and photographer.

  1. For success in property photography, ask what the photographer offers. Examine if they are ready to work with you in producing more marketing content for your listings.

  2. Have a bond. Having a good relationship with your photographer will certainly improve your realtor's business. The photographer should be able to communicate ideas. At the same be ready to listen to your ideas and willing to improve your business.

  3. Have a look at their portfolios. You can search online for their portfolios and have a look at their previous works. If you like their work, go ahead and hire.

  4. Choose what works for you. Upfront payments to your photographer and on-time payment are certain to motivate the work produced. You should agree with your photographer how they're to be paid and have clear terms to help grow your business.


Real estate photography should come first and not an afterthought. Investing in a professional Niagara photographer should get you the very best photos you can for your business. You can check out the return difference when using quality property photos and using point-and-shoot photos. The sales price and turnaround time will prove why proper real estate videography and photography are essential.

At Workman Photography, we are confident that the moment you let our team handle your real estate photography, drone, or video work, your listings will spend less time on the market and sell faster than ever before.


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